Litigation-Tech Announces New Trial Presentation Rate Structure

In order to help you worry less about costs related to trial prep and presentation, or the risks associated with “bargain hunting,” Litigation-Tech LLC is pleased to announce a new competitive rate structure on trial presentation labor and equipment.

We now offer hourly rates as low as $150 for trial prep, and $175 for trial. My rate is a bit higher, should you prefer that I personally handle your case. We do not charge overtime, nor do we charge for our trial computers.
Example, 1-week trial
Pre-trial prep (graphics, exhibit database, deposition video designations)
20 hours x $150 = $3000

Trial Presentation (Trial Technician in court daily)
40 hours x $175 = $7000

Why choose Litigation-Tech LLC?
  • Over 10 years actual trial presentation consulting experience in matters of all types
  • Large firm capabilities, small firm flexibility and overhead
  • Qualified and experienced Trial Technicians or Trial Consultant (with in-house law firm trial experience)
  • No inexperienced trainees, working at minimal salary assigned to your trial (while you pay full rates)
  • Litigation-Tech is an established company in business since 2002 - not just a private individual

Additional fees and expenses may apply for services or items not listed. Any estimates provided are intended only to serve as a rough guideline of costs and expenses. Actual invoice amount will vary according to the needs of counsel and trial team. Cases incurring referral fees to our business partners not eligible. Rates subject to change without notice.

Thank you, and please let me know if you’d like our rate sheet, or wish to discuss this further.

Ted Brooks, President
Litigation-Tech LLC
"Enhancing the Art of Communication"
213-798-6608 Los Angeles
415-291-9900 San Francisco

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