Bad Credit Cash Advance Loans

Troubled from your low credit score? If that's the case, then you definitely should have not necessarily found out about a bad credit score cash mortgage. The whole range of a low credit score cash home loan has appeared since the most suitable choice for the people people who are held in an instantaneous economical will need and should not strategy the original affordable financial loans because of their negative reputation credit score. A number of economical institutions such as banking institutions and funds financing agencies are usually extensively contending with this particular mortgage facility plus they are ready to offer this instant affordable aid to the borrowers with out thinking about their particular credit rating profile. Actually, today, many people take the main advantage of this particular quick and hassle-free monetary resource to fix their own financial issues. Nonetheless, since this mortgage loan technique is free from the particular clause of ensure submitting, it may be entirely possible that you receive this kind of assistance in a tiny better amount.

Nevertheless, in case a customer is ready to take the pains of performing a good, effective exploring the industry on various lenders and their supplied pair of solutions then there's nevertheless a chance regarding availing quick loans with no credit check from lower and also affordable sum. The aggressive spirit within the affordable market has attained to an acme and because of this kind of numerous top money loaning information mill supplying this helpful mortgage loan technique from affordable sum. Therefore, when you have a sudden health-related cost to or even desire to spend your son or daughter's school costs next staying with the process of a a bad credit score rating money mortgage loan would probably sound because the most appropriate idea.

Bad credit score funds mortgage is definitely an absolute affordable remedy for all unexpected monetary concerns. This mortgage assistance offers to provide a pile of funds and is custom-made together with very easy, reduced period of time extensive as well as controllable mortgage loan procedure. Nevertheless, prior to experiencing and enjoying the amenities with this a bad credit cash advances is important for the client to get their age group, citizenship and also career placement verified carefully by the cost-effective organization. As soon as, you meet the criteria this particular verification method, the actual home loan will get credited into your own thing to consider within the brief amount of a day as not much time will probably be squandered inside estimating the value of the guarantee or perhaps carrying out the actual challenging credit rating evaluation. Consequently, dozens of consumers, who would like to use a tangible economic help in the short time period of time, can simply progress using this mortgage help.

So far as implementing for the a low credit score money mortgage loan is concerned, nowadays folks largely go with the choice of on the web remedies rather than the standard way of visiting Auto Insurance Quotes Florida & Texas company's business office. Whilst implementing by means of world wide web, a job candidate is needed to submit proper details about his or her name, address and contact figures. In addition to this, total information regarding the location placement, consideration particulars, economical establishment statements and also replicates of one's driving permit are also needed to be sent in. Each one of these documents can be delivered digitally through a secured network relationship. Therefore, the actual consumers usually stays confident with the stage in which absolutely no chances of identity fraud or perhaps improper use of the provided specifics is going to be entertained.

Get Your Data and Voice Solution here

When you have to deal with your business data security, it will be a hard thing that you have to deal since you cannot look for the best place to deal with such a thing. Yet, when you have learnt about Datavo - Business Data & Voice Solutions, then this will not become a hard thing that you have to deal anymore since the solution for your problem has appeared in front of you. a professional company will be pleased to look after your data security, also you can trust the solution for your voice device here too so that chance to get stuck in problems won’t ever get to you. Not only that you can have the solution for your data security, yet you will also be able to get a great deal related to your voice problems by getting Voip there. This is a great chance for you to get everything in hand so that you can manage to get your solution easily there. By getting this chance to overcome everything just in one place then you can have it as a great thing to enjoy in your need getting every problem done after you have known this company.

Get Loans Anytime as an Easy Deal Now

When you want to start business or buying a house, you might need extra money that you can use to pay for the fare, isn’t it? This will be a hard thing if you have to get that money from your own pocket which is why you can start to look for loans in order to get your need be covered easily. The problem when you start to take loans is that you should complete all of the requirements that the banks ask you to fulfill before you can make your proposal to take loans be accepted. This is the common situation when you have to deal with traditional banks since they wish to get secure borrower to take loans from them. Yet, when you take New Jersey Short Term Loans, then those requirements are not much in need. You can have more information for your loans easily even when you don’t give collateral pledge or even when you have bad history in your credit. Taking MN loans for bad credit is possible for you since this place doesn’t require it from the borrowers. With this condition then you can manage to get loans anytime without you have to be troubled by requirements or anything else related to it. Click here for more info and get your loans immediately here and get it done faster now.

Audio brand Beats buys back 25% of its own shares from HTC

Audio equipment brand Beats is buying back 25% of its shares from HTC, the smartphone manufacturer announced today. As you may know, the brand is best known for its “Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones.

According to the companies, the purpose of this operation is to provide Beats “with more flexibility for global expansion while maintaining HTC’s major stake and commercial exclusivity in mobile.”

As you may remember, HTC became a majority investor in the company in August 2011, and went on to launch several Beats-enabled smartphones. Yet, this agremeent means that it will now only control around 25% of Beats.

Still, this announcement doesn’t come as a surprise, as rumors had already emerged that HTC and Beats’ relationship would change due to dissatisfaction on HTC’s side. At the time, HTC CEO described these reports as “categorically inaccurate.” It is not hard to tell why the company tried to hold back the news: according to its announcement, HTC anticipates to lose $4.8 million from the disposal.

Earlier this month, the manufacturer already reported a 57.8% fall in net profit for Q2 despite lowered forecasts. As for Beats, it recently confirmed the acquisition of music streaming service MOG for $14 million, and it remains to be seen whether HTC will still benefit from this deal.

Darpa Funds Hack Machine You’d Never Notice

If you saw this bad boy under your desk, would you say anything?

It may look like a surge protector, but it’s really a remote access machine that corporations can use to test security and log into branch offices. Called the Power Pwn, it’s a stealthier version of the little box that can hack your network we wrote about last March.

Hidden inside are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adapters, along with a number of hacking and remote access tools that let security experts prod and poke the network, and even call home to be remotely controlled via the cellular network

There’s a “text-to-bash” feature that lets you send commands to the device using SMS messages. Some customers conducting penetration tests of corporate security have been using Apple’s Siri voice-recognition software to send these messages, says Dave Porcello, the CEO of Pwnie Express, the company that makes the Power Pwn. “Basically, they are able to speak pen-testing commands into their phone.”
It’s a device “you can just plug in and do a full-scale penetration test from start to finish,” Porcello says. “The enterprise can use stuff like this to do testing more often and more cheaply than they’re doing it right now.”

Companies can buy the $1,295 Power Pwn and mail it out to branch offices to do quick security tests of their remote networks, Porcello says. About 90 percent of Pwnie Express’ customers work for corporations or the federal government.

The device, like its Pwn Plug predecessor, comes with easy-to-use scripts that cause it to boot up and then phone home for instructions. “It’s pretty sturdy. You can send it through U.S. mail and you can send it through FedEx and the setup is easy,” says Jason Malley, who works in alarm-system maker Tyco’s security and compliance group. “This tool really cuts down on time and expenses.”
Malley wasn’t allowed to talk about what Tyco is doing with the devices — he’s been using them for more than a year — but he says that they go over really well when he pulls them out in informal “lunch and learn” demonstration sessions. “It’s actually a really great security awareness tool,” he says, “because we can talk about things in theory. When you pull the thing out and say it’s not theory, it definitely helps and you notice things.”

This Power Pwn was developed with money from a new Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program called Cyber Fast Track, which is trying to jumpstart a new generation of cyber-defense tools. “It’s kind of taking the tools that the hackers are using and putting them in the hands of the people that need to defend against the hackers,” Porcello says.

With quick loans same day overcome sudden financial worries

It's really a difficult situation for those who are facing an economic emergency and there's a fast need for finances only one has run out of money. If your are searching for immediate money help, quick financial loans 24 hour could possibly be the best financial solution for him. Quick financial loans 24 hour because the title indicates, provide quick educational funding to individuals individuals who need immediate cash with no trouble. To obtain cash for emergency situations in hurry, you are able to apply with quick financial loans 24 hour. Using the convenience of online application, you will get approved with one of these financial loans without directly likely to any loan office. You can just obtain the lent amount directly in your money within couple of hrs.

Quick financial loans 24 hour is short term personal loan what can help you get little bit of money that ranges from £10 to £1500 for the timeframe of just one to 31 days. The word of payment in some instances could be further extended, based upon the loan provider and the choices. You may use these funds for any kind of expenses with no lender's restriction and responsibility. Debtors can employ this amount borrowed for having to pay various immediate and important bills like treatment bills, grocery expenses, school or tuition, telephone bills, charge card bills, etc. If the customer had a low credit score record, then also he is able to easily make an application for 24 hour cash financial loans, 24 hour pay day loans.  Poor credit status won't be an obstacle within the loan approval as quick financial loans 24 hour is free of charge from credit verification process. Thus, even when the first is struggling with CCJ, arrears, insolvency, house foreclosures, and personal bankruptcy etc. the loan provider will still entertain the application. All kinds of debtors can use with this loans for people with bad credit service no matter their poor credit records.

With this particular short and fast service of quick financial loans 24 hour, debtors aren't needed to put any collateral from the lent amount. It's possible to simply love this particular loan service without facing any awkward loan collateral evaluation process. Cash loans 24 hour are unsecured personal financial loans and perhaps certainly one of their greatest advantages are that everybody could possibly get them if he's 18 years old or older, having a fixed earnings within the last 3 months, a banking account and United kingdom citizenship. To obtain these funds, quick financial loans 24 hour could possibly be the convenient and hassle free loan service. The entire process of quick loans 24 hour is extremely quick.

Poor credit loans – an Insight

An undesirable credit holder knows the down sides he needs to face to satisfy fundamental essentials of existence. Limited earnings and limitless expenses took a toll with an individual's existence. Insufficient money means a person needs to face several challenges in the existence. Poor credit history becomes a hurdle of availing quick cash and cash-loan companies and banks hesitate to approve application for the loan since it poses a danger for them.  If you're someone dealing with similar fiscal crisis the you will want a bad credit score financial loans. These financial loans usually are meant to help people struggling with a bad credit score record and facing unpredicted problems.

These easy application for a loan are approved towards the customer against maximum interest due to the danger connected with approving application for the loan. Actually, a customer should take this loan only if in urgent necessity of money. Hence, using the sole intent of rationalising the peril, just a little high rate of interest is billed. However, if your customer follows a couple of steps, he is able to certainly look for a loan that's easy to repay.

To be able to fetch the best offer possible, choose online mode. Fill the borrowed funds application online. Online mode enables a customer with an use of information twenty-four hours a day. If you wish to possess some immediate cash make certain you furnish the private and credit data precisely.

Recent financial crisis have affected lots of people. If you're someone struggling with arrears, defaults, CCJs, personal bankruptcy or late obligations a poor credit loan application may be the one-stop solution for the debt.  Generally, to be able to lessen the risk, this loan is approved only if a job candidate continues to be effective in having to pay off past loan within time, not less than a time of 3 to 6 several weeks. This assures the financial institution or finance company the customer would remove the borrowed amount promptly.

motivational poster generator download

Ronya Soft is probably the major software providers. They concentrate on producing all types of cards. Anyone who is needing posters, can approach They've got one thing known as the Poster Forge. This particular Poster Create is utilized to build paper prints. These people generate a myriad of cards. They supply for who wanted posters templates which assists one to generate the paper prints of your liking. They provide a unique device which assists anyone to produce their particular cards and hang them around the wall space. In the event you searching for a wanted poster, you are able to positive obtain the best from With, you can easily make use of a number of products that can be obtained using them. A number of the goods that can be obtained through are usually Poster Printer, Poster Forget about, PDF Inkjet printer and also CD Digital video disc Label Producer.

In case you are thinking about getting ready film poster, then you can certainly effortlessly do so with the aid of Paper prints perform a huge role, together may illustrate the advantage of other areas of cards. So that you can improve the quality of the paper prints, you ought to straight produce the paper prints from your program itself. Invest the the print outs through saved pictures, you can not get a quality poster. Several templates can be obtained at Thus just log on to and obtain your hands on the most effective motivational poster generator download . If you have questions on the poster template or anything associated with that, you may get hold of A competent support method is also present from In case there is any kind of problems with your cards or their solutions, you will get in touch with all of them. Furthermore one can easily download the actual poster theme with ease from Therefore get the best usage of their particular services and get the perfect paper prints inside a speedy way.

Make a excellent poster your self! It shouldn't necessarily become your favorite picture or digital photo, advertising and marketing banner or even virtually any dining tables and images. Only use poster maker online imagination. Allow it end up being some thing unique, even perhaps the result of your creativeness. Display your personal poster to your buddies, they'll be amazed without a doubt.

IT Consumerization Boosts Business Efficiency

Are you currently thinking of ways to boost your business efficiency? Well, as a business operator, you surely have a strong concern with your business efficiency. It has become a clear fact that business efficiency has a strong relation with your profit and business growth. If your business is highly efficient, you can reduce your business expenses in which this will enable you to generate more profit. Based on this fact, you should manage find ways to boost your business efficiency. You have to consider this matter seriously since the way that you choose can determine your profit and the growth of your business.

Actually, one of perfect ways to boost business efficiency is to use IT consumerization for your workforce. IT consumerization is a system where you allow your employees to work anytime from anywhere using their personal device like laptop or smart phone. Once you have consumerized your workforce, you just need to tell your employees to “Bring your own Device”. Since your employees are allowed to use their devices, they surely can bring their works home. When they have finished doing their works, they can simply bring the results to the office and transfer the data to the data center. This certainly boosts your business efficiency since your employees can finish their works faster so that they have more time to accomplish other tasks. The faster the accomplishment is, the fewer the operational costs is.

Then, the opportunity to work anytime from anywhere avoids business operators to build lots of infrastructures in which this means that business operators can save lots of money. As you know, when you can save time, money, and energy, you surely have high business efficiency. Therefore, if you haven’t yet found a perfect way to reduce cost of your business activities, you can try to consumerize your workforce.

Makes a Great Business Plan

A Business Plan is generally required for any start up business that is seeking to start up and it is trying to find some sort of financing, be it lender bank account borrowing, loans, mortgage loans, offer financing etc. It's also essential while searching for greater financing to grow a business, and perhaps to obtain collateral investment. There are many options on the internet that may include quite a few depth that needs to be included in a business strategy plan, the one-size fit's almost all program if you want. Being a Business Plan Template and also supply of tips this really is okay, yet guideline number one in creating a business plan will be "tailor it not only to your audience, yet in your particular enterprise and the way you will attain the objectives inside the plan".

Too many plans revolve around what are the target audience would like: "What will we must state, and how will we must say that to get the practical that cash?Inches, this is often a major error and may properly backfire for you. Sure, you want the particular cash however, not at any cost. Picture a person fit the master plan towards the visitor's needs after which don't struck goals inside a few months period, realizing that an individual couldn't possess satisfied all of them anyhow but necessary the particular money, exactly what after that? Know very well what the particular funder desires within you, and be sure that you simply consist of all the related core fine detail they should help to make a choice. Hnwever make use of business plan since a couple of things, a tool to control your business continuing also to assist satisfy those focuses on you're establishing, so when an advertising document in which markets your small business concept and strengths to your audience. You may only acquire one opportunity, allow it to be depend first time, every time!

Your own business plan is sort of a story. It features a start, midsection as well as end. It features a piece, that should unfold in front of the reader's face, getting Business PLan Today : over a trip in which punches up a host of problems and shows these how a heroes may get over, as well as succeed! There's always a cheerful finishing in business strategy, yet along the way there are actual terrors as well as dangers which the audience has to be persuaded can be mastered, at the end they are assured the main heroes would be the a person's to do it! It isn't a chilly as well as statistical report...take it to life, ensure it is real. When it feels real, then with effort and the right individuals it may become real.

Use AppLogic to Become a Cloud

These days, cloud computing has become a primary choice. If you make a survey, you can easily figure out that most operators of small, medium, and large business have moved their traditional servers to cloud computing. This happens because cloud computing delivers more reliable yet more affordable computing system. As you surely have known, this modern world requires business operators to find the best cost effective solutions if they want to generate lots of profit from their business. In this case, cloud computing can offer a perfect cost effective solution for data center. Thus, you seemingly need to use cloud computing for your servers.

However, if you currently have a stack of traditional servers, you should not worry because there is App Logic that can change your traditional severs into a cloud. This software is designed to help people to reduce costs in moving their traditional servers into virtual servers so that more people can save their money. It has become a clear fact that moving a data center sometimes can crate lots of hassles and can be costly. If you use AppLogic, you will not need to hire a cloud computing company to set a cloud computing system for your company. This means that you can save lots of money.

Since you surely want to have reliable cloud computing, you have to be really considerate and careful in choosing software. There should be a thorough consideration and a considerate research before buying certain software. In fact, with the existence of AppLogic from, you can become a cloud easily, conveniently, and affordably because the software is created by reputable cloud computing company that has been widely recognized and has provided reliable cloud computing services to various companies in the nation. Therefore, anytime you want to become a cloud, you had better use the right software.

Save our PC and laptop from the risk area

For this time, there are many of data protect that built to protect data from virus and others spyware that process in our PC or laptop. Data protect usually give protection to our software for stay to keep the data saver from the risk area. Antivirus usually protect our software by using Endpoint Encryption that lead encryption algorithm that have multiple layers for protect our software and data that risk area in our PC. The endpoint encryption is secure transparency data protection include the information of intellectual of data property, legal and financial record, and the others that’s have employee application that support system performance degradation. Endpoint Encryption has centrality management that has automatic security reporting and can monitoring, for shared policy administration too. 

The others excess from endpoint encryption is the administration can customize encryption settings and prohibit access by user groups or by the individuals. It can demonstrate by using internal and external security requirement. The others function from the endpoint encryption is not only for PCs that can be super sensitive with the transparent encryption for access control or for pre-booting the PC. Endpoint encryption for MAC is like for PC can access control or pre-booting the Apple Mac OS. Endpoint encryption also for files and folder that can share the others protection access and can prevent access for data and network. The data protection must protect by using antivirus that can control the risk area. It can be saver for the PC and data savers. PC and laptop must install the antivirus that can solve the virus that spread to our data. The protection of the PC or Laptop is not only from the virus but also for the risk area that can destroy the data processing. If the data process attack the virus can make decrease the performance of the PC itself.

Rest in Peace, Finis Price

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of ahighly-regarded and respected fellow Trial Consultant and Blogger, Finis Price.I would always enjoy reading his reviews of various software and iPad apps forthe legal professional. At only 37 years old, he was already soaring among eagles.

Though our nation may be large, our community is small andtight. Here is the email which was sent to me by Don Gibson (The Trial Division, LLC), another fellowTrial Consultant:

FYI – Ted.

Subject: Finis Price

Those of you active at LinkedIn have probably heard of Finisor read some of his posts. He was an attorney from Louisville, Kentucky who,with his wife, a paralegal, had a trial support and presentation company calledTechnoEsq.

A marketing email I received today from ExhibitView containsthis sad news.

“We are saddened to learn of the passing of Finis Price,Esq. this past weekend. Finis was an incredible person, always willing to helpand was a consultant for us on our iPad app. He came to Georgia for our CLE inJanuary and everyone just loved him. He was the author of www.technoesq.comand he was a major authority on iPad apps and legal technology. Finis was fromLouisville, Kentucky and we, Bob Finnell, Esq. and I, Bill Roach will miss him,his laugh and his advice a immensely for a long time into the future. –Bill”

From what I’ve gathered it was an accident of some kind lastThursday. He was only 37. Those of you who know Ted Brooks might want to passthis along should he wish to post the news at the Trial Technology group.

Keep on soaring, Finis - we will miss you and your unique perspectives. 

iKeyboard for iPad, Touch Typing, and How Mavis Beacon Changed My Life

You may recall my first reviewsof the iKeyboard, which were both written prior to release of the finalversion. Even working with the prototypes, I was sold on the concept of havingthe ability to touch-type on my iPad, without requiring me to lug around aclunky external keyboard. I know, some will say that they're small, and caneasily fit into a briefcase or purse. Well, to that I respond - so can alaptop. The main attraction of the iPad is that it is a compact andself-contained device, capable of doing much of what a computer can do. Startadding external accessories and you're losing out on the real benefit of thedevice.

So, when I first learned of this project on Kickstarter, I was very interested.Kickstarter is a program in which you may invest in the development of someundeveloped product or idea. Some are better than others, and this is the onlyone I've actually been personally involved in. When I learned that thedeveloper was an attorney, I was even more interested. Cliff Thier, aConnecticut transactional and litigation attorney had a dream, and thanks toKickstarter, had some funding.

The Kickstarter program allowed one to invest at a fewdifferent levels, one of them which would include a first-generation iKeyboard, and also the second, oncereleased. Since I review a good number of apps and software, I was also sent anearly prototype.

This version worked well, but was a little bit on the clunkyside, due to its method of attachment to the iPad, using small side clips,making it difficult to use with most iPad cases. Even so, touch-typing on theiPad was now a reality. Having the tactile “feel” of typing, along with the “F”and “J” home key reference bumps means you can actually type without looking atthe keyboard.

The current version utilizes a series of sticky “magnets,”which hold it securely to the iPad’s screen.

If you have to ask me why touch typing is so important, Iprobably won't have an answer that will satisfy you. If you're convinced thatlooking at your on-screen keyboard is good enough for you get things done on youriPad, I'd guess that you fall into the category of the majority of users, whosee their iPad as a great way to do a lot of things, but probably aren't doinga lot of typing.

Backing up a few years - quite a few, actually, I reallylearned how to type by using a DOS program, called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. Sadly, itappears that dear Ms. Bacon hasn't introduced a typing app for the iPad yet,but there are a few others available. In any event, back in 5 or 10 B.C.(before computers), I never had the need to learn how to do it correctly, sincefor the limited amount of typing I was doing at the time, I was able to get bywith the hunt and peck method. I can still recall playing a game which hadwords falling downward on the screen that you had to type before they crashedto the ground. Seems like a sorry excuse for a game, but here I am many yearslater, cranking out a good number of legal technology articles each year, inaddition to making a living using computers in trial presentation, which alsorequires a mastery of the skill. Mavis Beacon, I owe you one.

Back to the future, and my review of the iKeyboard. I willsay that other than a very brief test, writing this article is the first timeI've used the commercially available version, and although I'm a little slowerthan I might be on my laptop, I'm still a heck of a lot faster than typing onthe iPad's display, which is really little more than a modern version of huntand peck typing. 

According to Cliff Thier, the key tension and response aredesigned to emulate the Apple keyboard. While I can't personally say whetherthey've nailed it, I will say that it does take a little time to get the feelof it, but once you do, your typing speed increases a great deal.

In order to be comfortable while typing, I'd recommendgetting something like the CandyConvertible case, which I'm using now and have reviewed, or the Apple Smart Cover. Either ofthese (and there are others) will allow you to add a slight angle to your iPad,making it much easier to read what you're typing - because you're not lookingat those keys any more now, are you?

In conclusion, for $35, you can add touch-typing to youriPad, and you won't have to carry around chargers, batteries, or other externalaccessories in order to do so. Not a bad investment, available in black orwhite.

Popular Cloud File Storage Apps Compared

It is estimated that nearly 300 Billion emails are sentworldwide daily, according to a 2010study by the Radicati Group, Inc. The massive amount of data and webtraffic is mind-boggling, with some highlights shared in Internet 2010 in Numbers,an interesting compilation of facts and figures. While email was onceone of most efficient methods of moving relatively small amounts of data fromone point to another, nowadays, with plenty of convenient alternatives, you don’thave to choke both sender’s and recipient’s email servers with ten pound email attachments.Here a few services you can use, each offering a free level of storage andservice, along with full-featured paid upgrades. I've also included a handy comparison chart at the end of this article.

I’ll list Dropbox first, since it’s the one I personally usemost often. This is a referral link which gives you an extra 250MB on your freeaccount. Dropbox is primarily a cloud-based storage service, but now alsofeatures a decent method of file-sharing at the folder level, and also happensto be perhaps the most popular method of moving files to and from iPad apps.There is a version for the desktop of your PC as well, which automaticallyremains synced to the cloud. So, you can actually use this as an offsite backup.The file-sharing occurs when you select others to share a work folder with, andthen you can add or remove files for all to have access. Bear in mind, if youdelete the files from your desktop version, they will also be deleted from the sharedfolder. You can also share individual files an unsecured “Public” folder via alink, such as I’ve done here with mybio. Just be aware that there are no password requirements for anyone todownload from your Public folder, so anyone choosing to download and distributemy bio is free to do so. Go ahead, try it.

YouSendIt started off as more an email replacement forsending large attachments, but now they also offer free storage. You are ableto send files to their server, which then generates an email sent to yourrecipients with a link to download the file, or files may be saved in the cloudon their server. With upgraded versions, you can select multiple files, or evenentire folders. The zip feature is actually much faster than locally zippingyour files in my experience, and you have options as to how long the file willremain on the server, and how many downloads are permitted. This is probablythe easiest method of sharing files with others, since the recipient doesn’thave to have an account.

This service is similar to YouSendIt, although their initialfocus was more storage-based, with the option to send a link for sharing. Thisservice started as, and has been around quite a while, as one of the firstservices of its kind available to the public. One advantage of Box is that itfeatures 5GB of free storage, more than doubling the YouSendIt free accountlimit. There are lots of great features in both free and upgraded options. Sendinga file link via Box does not require the recipient to have an account. I hadn’tused this service in a few years, and am impressed with all of the updates andfunctionality.

This was designed primarily as a cloud-based workingdocument collaboration tool, where someone can post a document, and others canreview and update it. The key here is that the documents do not require you tohave any other office software. In other words, you could use you phone, iPador Android tablet for full editing ability. They have also recently rolled outa new Presentationsapp. Upon checking, I just noticed there is a new feature currently beingBeta-tested, which will allow you to save a local read-only copy of thedocument. It appears that although each of these cloud storage sites began withsome unique features, they are all becoming more alike. Overall, Google’soptions are becoming very attractive, with the ability to automatically uploadphotos from your phone, a calendar, Gmail, and a full suite of features.

Surprisingly late to the table, and also lacking in some ofthe best features noted in the above apps is Apple’s own iCloud. In any event,you’ll find the familiar suite of email, contacts, and your calendar, plus anoption to “find my phone” (or iPad), and an iWork icon, which is a cloud-baseddocument storage area for Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, while also serving as abackup for your iPad data with 5GB of free storage available. Upgrade optionsare available. Although this service is pretty much a no-brainer for iPhone andiPad users, the interface with the computer doesn’t seem to be quite there yet.After logging into my account, I would have expected to have access to the sameset of contacts, calendar, and email that I have on my iPad. Instead, they wereempty, and I could not locate a method of getting it all to sync up. Not sureif that feature is available yet, but it’s not practical to assume that anyoneis going to manually update their contacts again. Remember doing that each timeyou got a new cell phone? That is so 1980’s.

I would suggest getting at least a free account for one ormore of these.  You will likely findyourself naturally gravitating towards one or more to the point you’ll want topay for an upgraded version. This may be a result of discovering which worksbest for you, or because a client is using it, requiring you to upgrade to morestorage or functionality. Each brand offers several upgrade level options and someinclude personalized branding, although the comparison chart below shows onlythe least-expensive upgrade option for each. There are many other optionsavailable, which a quick search on “CloudStorage” will demonstrate. All of them include a login and web-basedinterface.

Click on chart to enlarge

iPad Apps for Lawyers: iJury for Voir Dire

Reprinted with permission from the Jan. 19, 2012 issue of Law Technology News. ©2012 ALM Media Properties, LLC.


After alengthy trial and engaging voir dire without computer assistance, Orlando,Fla.-based attorney Lawrence Williamson teamed up with computer technician SeanHam (who assisted Williamson with trial logistics and document management) tocome up with iJury, an affordable iPadapp that would enable attorneys to "concentrate on the art of voir direand move away from the excessive note taking and paper shuffling."

Digitalconvergence is an admirable charge for any app and fits well with the iPadvision. I've reviewed several apps designed for jury selection (voir dire) andmonitoring and, although they all appear to be helpful, the fiercest competitorto iPad apps remains the venerable Post-it® Notes.

Some thingsjust seem to work better the old-fashioned way. Perhaps one reason is thatentering data on the iPad, although it can be comprehensive, takes most of uslonger than scribbling on sticky notes. While it is likely just a simple matterof adjusting your work flow to input data on the iPad, I still see more peopleusing the familiar little yellow squares than apps such as iJuror, JuryTracker, JuryDuty,or even full-feature software applications such as JuryBox.

One thingsticky notes can't do is perform data analysis, but that is true of most iPadapps for voir dire. Most apps do a decent job of storing and retrieving jurorinformation, but don't do much in the way of looking at the big picture. iJuryis different. Once you've entered personal information on each juror, you'reable to view the bigger picture, literally, in a series of dynamic charts.These bar charts indicate trends in your jury pool, including overallindications of positive, negative or neutral scores for your case, as well as adesktop view of a jury's gender and racial balance and socioeconomic status.

Figure 1

Figure 1shows a high-altitude view of iJury that can help flag potential issues withyour currently seated panel of jurors. Additionally, a sample set of commonvoir dire questions is included, which may be scored positively or negativelyfor each juror according to their responses -- and you have the option to addyour own questions.

Figure 2

LaunchingiJury the first time brings up a nice tutorial video, which you may also viewonline. I thought this was a nice touch, allowing you to get a quick feel ofwhat the app is all about and how to handle each task. The video can also beaccessed again later by tapping the "Info" icon in the Case browser.

Figure 3

Incomparison to other apps for jury selection, iJury requires a similar amount ofinput for each potential juror, and focuses only on the currently seated panelvis-a-vis the entire jury pool. When using the iPad in this manner you wouldcertainly want to enter all of your juror information ahead of time from theirresponses to your questionnaire.

Figure 4

Overall,iJury appears to be a nice alternative for iPad-wielding attorneys and trialconsultants looking to clean up the counsel table and keep it free from stickynotes during voir dire. And at only $14.99, it won't break the bank.


Manufacturer: Dynamis Law
Product: iJury for iPad
Price: $14.99



Review: ExhibitView for iPad

Reprinted with permission from the Jan.11, 2012 issue of Law Technology News. ©2011 ALM Media Properties, LLC.

Author’s Note: I’veadded some additional screen shots and info to this blog version.

I’ve had many people ask, “When will TrialDirector have an iPad app?” The last time I discussed itwith InData, they had looked into the idea but felt that it may not be worththe investment to develop an iPad app. They were, however, exploring remotecontrol possibilities, using an app such as LogMeIn Ignition to control thefull-featured PC version of TrialDirector over a Wi-Fi network.

William Roach, developer of PC-based ExhibitView software,decided it was worth his time to develop an iPad app for ExhibitView. By addingExhibitView iPad to their productline, the company has become the first trial presentation software company tooffer a software application for both the PC and the iPad. Roach says, “Specificallywe wanted to be in the iPad space because of all the excitement. We reallythought about how we could enhance the value of our PC brand and not circumventits sales. With the majority of law firms still having PC’s and everyonegetting iPads, we felt it was a very deliberate strategic move.”

ExhibitView is  alsodeveloping a version of its trial presentation software for the Google Androidand Apple Mac operating system. This aggressive development strategy is encouraging to gadget-mindedlitigators. Although I don’t have an Android tablet, I would love to compare ExhibitViewon Android  with the iPad version once itis released. For now, I will settle on a standalone review of the ExhibitViewon the iPad.

After several years of battling for market-share with thelikes of TrialDirector and Sanction, ExhibitView iPad joins the ranks of TrialPad,Evidence, and ExhibitA in the iPad apps for trial presentation space. For the purpose of thisarticle, I will not review the PC version of ExhibitView, although I will saythat users of the software will find themselves at home with ExhibitView iPad, whichhas  a similar look and feel to the PCapplication. In fact, the PC version of ExhibitView has just added a newfeature, “Save as iPad,” which exports an entire case in ExhibitView on the PC toa file that can be imported without modification into the iPad app.

At the current introductory price of $29.99 (regularly$69.00, or free with purchase of ExhbitView PC version),  ExhibitView falls in the mid-range for trialpresentation apps. In the “Wild West” iPad app development game, price does notnecessarily indicate value. It seems that setting a price point for an app is (orat least was) something of an experiment, which Roach and ExhibitViewbenefitted from by coming to the table, or iPad,  late.

Opening ExhibitView iPad brings up a screen which features aDropbox link icon. One of the first things you’ll need to do is set up a Dropbox account, because that is theonly way to get exhibits and files onto the iPad and into the app. But don’tfret, Dropbox still has free accounts with a maximum of 2 gigabytes of diskspace allocation. Once you establish an account and link it to the app, you’llhave full access to all of your exhibits stored in Dropbox.

From Dropbox, you may choose individual files or entirefolders to download to the iPad. This can make it very quick and easy to importan entire case file into the app, which you’ve assembled on your PC (or via theSave as iPad feature in ExhibitView). Although file transfer via iTunes is notsupported, connecting via cable to your laptop every time you need to updateexhibits in a case is not a very practical method during a trial.

Another nice feature on the home screen is the Help button.The help file does a nice job at covering the basics, although you couldprobably just jump right in and start using the app by creating a new case,adding exhibits, and trying out all of the tools and features.

Although ExhbitView iPad works in either landscape orportrait mode, which allows for 360 degree iPad rotation, I would recommendusing landscape mode because of the added real estate available to see andselect files listed on the left-hand side of the iPad.

The app handles several file types, but I encourage you towork with PDF files. I tested PDF, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint files;  JPEG and PNG images;  and MP4 video. Other than graphic layersgetting a bit whacked in PowerPoint (I’ve seen formatting issues in other apps,and would generally recommend converting exhibits to PDF anyway), it all workednicely, including the Word document. I did, however, notice an issue indisplaying the proper (full screen) image with native PowerPoint and Word. Although.pptx and text files showed up in the file list, they are not supported, anddid not display. In a trial presentation app, it would certainly be helpful tohandle a text file, with options to work with transcripts.

A nice feature I like about ExhibitView’s “database” view isthat there are tabs which will automatically filter and sort exhibits by filetype for you: Documents, Images, A/V Media, and All (to show everything in yourevidence collection).

Connecting the external monitor when the app is runningautomatically connects the iPad, displaying the ExhibitView logo, howeveryou’ll still need to hit the “On-Off” button to begin sending images. Note thatthis button indicates the current state: not what will happen when you tap it.In other words, if you tap the red “Off” button, it turns the presentation on,and then the button turns green, and reads “On.” Maybe it’s just me, but thisseemed a bit counter-intuitive for what appears to be an active buttonsoliciting a state change. Once I tapped “On,”  the screen goes to a blank (no logo) dark graycolor, ready to display an exhibit.

The presentation features are nice and the app handles thetwo most important features nicely – Callout Zoom and Highlight, with highlightsappearing a natural, transparent yellow. Although you can only have one activecallout, you can move the callout around and even leave it in place when youscroll to another page of your exhibit.

You can use a pinch-zoom gesture to zoom in on an exhibit andadd a Callout on top of the pinch-zoom, and even highlight the Callout. You canrotate the image (probably should have done that ahead of time anyway) and use astraight-line or free-drawing pen, which you may set to a desired color andthickness. I noticed that the free-draw pen formed a series of short, straightlines (rather than actual curved lines) when attempting to draw a circle. Thereare Undo and Redo annotations buttons, an Eraser to remove part of anannotation, and a Print (Adobe AirPrint) button.

There is also a nice “Screen Lock” feature, which disablesall of the file access options and allows you to  hand the iPad to a witness to use like a “John Madden” Telestratordevice (yup, just realized, there’s an app for that, football fans). When your witness is donemarking up the document, you can use the snapshot button to capture the imagein .png format. The flexibility of the iPad would permit you to do this “live”in front of the jury, by keeping it plugged into the system, or you couldeasily disconnect, save the work, and then reconnect to show the completedwork. This could even be a valuable feature when used in conjunction with othertrial presentation software. At least (in my opinion), it beats the heck out ofthose clunky touch-screen monitors.

In addition to all of the annotation and presentationfeatures, you can display two exhibits side-by-side, and annotate or zoom in oneach one.

Many of the differences between ExhibitView PC andExhibitView iPad are actually a result of the limited functionality of the iPaditself. You simply cannot build and manage a complex database on an iPad – atleast not in a practical manner. Also, you’ll enjoy a far greater degree ofspeed and accuracy when using a mouse and keyboard (compared to a finger, oreven a stylus), as well as the ability to handle most common file types, asopposed to just a few. I’ll always agree that doing almost anything on an iPadlooks cool, but that’s really not all that important in most trials.

I would be comfortable using the ExhibitView app in asmaller matter, but only after thoroughly testing and checking it with all ofmy exhibits. I would look forward to the opportunity to have a witness use theExhibitView iPad app to mark up an exhibit. This could also be a nice tool touse in depositions. I feel that ExhibitView is a real contender in the trialpresentation app space, and if you’re interested now would be the time to getit for just $30. I will close by stating that phenomenalsuccess stories notwithstanding, I still prefer to use my laptops insteadof an iPad for trial presentation.

Update: ExhibitView for iPad, BlackBerry's Doom, Android Tablets

I would tell you that I’ve just finished reviewing ExhibitView iPad, but then I’d haveto tell you that you’re going to have to wait to read it until it getspublished on LawTechnology News. I’ll let you know once it’s up there (follow me on Twitterif you want the quickest and latest updates: spoiling, I can tell you that I was impressed, and look forward toseeing other developments from them.
Update: The review has been published and is now live on Law Technology News.

Speaking of Law Tech News, I’ve been quoted in a fewarticles there recently. One was an interesting piece by Brendan McKenna, LTN'snews editor, entitled “2011'sTech Folly of the Year”. That “folly” was none other than the once-ubiquitousBlackBerry, so addictive it was even referred to as the “CrackBerry.” Read theentire article for some additional insight, but here’s my prediction of doom.

In May, our own TedBrooks announced his defection from BlackBerry here in the pagesof LTN, saying,"BlackBerry has been losing market-share in a big way recently, and Isuspect I am a classic defector. Although I've been a BlackBerry user fornearly 15 years, I am weary of screen-envy, and since the next version ofBlackBerry OS for the latest BlackBerry device won't support my current device,I'm done with it." He adds that he feels no desire to purchase thePlayBook, for the reasons cited above. In August, Brooks again suggested that RIM's days were numbered: "Eventhough Research In Motion has owned the legal market for many years, unlessthey once innovate instead of renovate, the BlackBerry's days arenumbered." While not necessarily indicative of a trend, Brooks is knownthroughout the legal technology community for his Court Technology andTrial Presentation blog, so when he defects in such a public manner,it may be right to presume that RIM has one foot in the grave.

Just last week, Evan Koblentz, a reporter for Law TechnologyNews shared his thoughts on the iPad versus Android tablets, in “iPadMania Aside, Tablets Are Inefficient Work Devices for Lawyers.” Aftertesting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Koblentz finds that “For tech-minded lawyers, Android is worth considering because of themany customization options, various screen sizes, and hybrid laptops, such asthe Asus Transformer series. But for most lawyers, it makes a lot more sense tofollow the herd into Appleville, as LawTechnology News columnist TedBrooks noted recently.”

Also, I’ve just downloaded and started my review of a newapp which claims to be an aid in jury selection, called iJury. Staytuned, and I hope the New Year has been good to you thus far!

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