Jury Box: Voir Dire Application for Mac, PC, and Linux

7/26/2011 Update: The complete review has now been published and is available on The Jury Expert.

You may have read my iPad app reviews on iJuror, JuryTracker, and Jury Duty, and if not, there are the links. Jury Box has recently been released, becoming the first commercially available Voir Dire (Jury Selection) software designed for the computer. It works on Mac, PC and Linux operating systems. 

Setting up the courtroom seating chart

I’m only going to offer a brief overview here at this point, as an in-depth review will be published very soon in The Jury Expert.

Developed by San Diego Deputy District Attorney Adam Gordon, Jury Box seems to do a decent job at managing the voir dire process, and allows for quick and easy juror data input. There is a detailed PDF tutorial available on their website.

Entering individual juror information

Jury Box appears to be a decent computer-based alternative to the iPad apps for replacing sticky-notes. Jury Box is sold via an annual subscription, running $199. 

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