Hard Candy: iPad Cases and Stylus

Adding to my ongoing coverage of iPad Apps for Lawyers, Paralegals and Legal Professionals, I have been testing a few new iPad cases and a stylus by Hard Candy Cases. There are a number of options available, with some offering little more functionality than a book cover. Hard Candy and their GumDrop line both offer several nice options – especially for those who are rough on their toys, or have unique uses for their iPad – some models are also available for the iPhone.

NOTE: Make sure to see how you can win one of these in a Twitter contest – details at the end of this article.

Candy Convertible iPad Case
Apple iPad Case

Candy Convertible iPad Case (Available for iPad 1 or iPad 2, $44.95)

Comparing with the Apple iPad Case ($39), although the Hard Candy case is about $6 more, if you’re into watching movies in the upright position (as depicted in the photos), the Apple case isn’t quite as stable, since the Hard Candy case has a slightly wider bend section. This extra little bit of lift angle is also nice if you lay your iPad on your lap, or maybe an airline tray. The Hard Candy does feel a bit heavier, but not by much, and has an inner pocket for a few business cards.

Bubble Sleeve iPad 2 + 1 (fits iPad 1 or 2, $49.95)

Bubble Sleeve iPad Case

I really like this case, and if you’re the type who doesn’t like to add a “sleeve” to your iPad, you will too. It is a nicely padded case, with a double zipper to keep it safe. Although you could use your iPad in this case, one of the benefits is that it is not fastened in, so removing the iPad is as easy as just lifting it out. This feels good in the hand, and would be easy to carry around, giving you a great deal of protection, if you should happen to get clumsy, have it outdoors when the weather gets ugly, etc. It has enough room for your iPad and a stylus, and there is room underneath for a few business cards and a lens cleaning cloth.

Candy iPad Stylus + Pen (for iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, etc., $34.95, shiny chrome finish, also available in white)

Candy iPad Stylus + Pen

This stylus is the nicest one I’ve seen yet. Jeff Richardson recently posted a review of several styli on his iPhone J.D. blog, and included a handy photo lineup for size comparison. Building upon his comparison, I've added a lineup here for reference. I agree with Jeff that it is not comfortable writing with a short stylus, and I will add that the thinner profile of most of them also takes some getting used to.

Top to bottom: Kensington Virtuoso, Hard Candy Stylus, Montblanc Pen

The Hard Candy Stylus includes both a pen and silicone stylus. It is the only model that protects the stylus tip along with the pen, and it has the shape and feel of a fine writing instrument, such as the Montblanc pen, as shown. It does not have a pocket clip, so it may wobble around a bit in your pocket protector, however. The end caps are both securely fitted with an o-ring seal, similar to the Kensington design.

Drop Tech Series iPad 2 Case (for iPad 2, $59.95, iPhone 4, $44.95)

Drop Tech Series iPad 2 Case

I visited my local Apple store this weekend, and purchased an iPad 2 (an extremely pleasant and brief experience, by the way), and so I was able to actually test this case. This demonstrates my love and devotion to this blawg, and to you, my reader! Although it’s not the type of case I would use daily, I can think of times I would want the added protection the Drop Tech offers. I can also think of many uses in which you don’t really want to get the iPad dirty, such as in medical, restaurants, dusty or dirty conditions, sports events, at the beach, etc. What you can see in the photo is the rubberized frame in which the iPad is securely locked in. It looks sort of like an off-road tire tread. What you cannot see is that there is a clear (replaceable, $15.95) cover over the display itself, and the iPad works just as if it weren’t there. This case allows the iPad 2 to be used in far more hostile environments, and thus, may even be a good reason for even greater adaptation among various professions. It is random innovations such as this that will keep the iPad the King of Tablets for some time to come.

Overall, this company has the right idea when it comes to unique and innovative product design. It’s all made well, and they take functionality seriously.

Twitter Contest: Win a brand-new (tested briefly by me for review purposes) Candy Convertible iPad Case for iPad 1, value $44.95! Just send out a Tweet (or as many tweets as you wish), with a description and link to this review, and include the words “iPad Case Review by @litigationtech” in the body. You must follow my @litigationtech and @ted_brooks Twitter accounts to be eligible, and the winner will be selected randomly by me from the most recent post at the time I check it sometime this week. Winner will be announced Friday, but may be selected at any time during the week. Shipping only to U.S. or Canada (sorry, this is coming out of my pocket). There's even a convenient Tweet button below this (and every) article.

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