Litigation-Tech Computer Rivals IBM's Watson

For Immediate Release:
Litigation-Tech and Trial Consulting Network purchase “the system” for trial presentation, a computer rivaling IBM's Watson. “This system isn’t for playing Jeopardy. Nobody else has anything close, ” says Ted Brooks. "Even the new iPad apps for attorneys can't compete with 'the system'."

Of note in the photograph below:
Notice in the back of the courtroom, a state-of-the-art 37” CRT monitor on a scissor-lift stand, cleverly incorporated into a shipping case. Weight, around 400 lbs.
On counsel tables, ELMO (document camera) device, flat-screen monitors.
In the foreground: (Highly Classified) -- We cannot completely reveal "the system," however, in the lower left, note the multiple cooling fan-equipped RAID array tower, with external CD-RW drive on top of tower (also fan-cooled), and barcode scanning pen. Weight, approximately 100 lbs.
Next, on top of the workstation table, you’ll see “the system” keyboard and mouse, and even a backup laptop. Not that "the system" will ever have any problems, but other tasks might be accomplished while TrialDirector plays the depo (complete with scrolling closed-caption text) on the flat panel, and rest of “the system.”

--- April Fools, 2011
Note: This was our actual Brobeck in-house trial setup in Salt Lake City for a trial in the late '90's. On one hand, it’s not really that long ago. On the other, this stuff looks like what cavemen might have used.

Ted Brooks, President
Litigation-Tech LLC
"Enhancing the Art of Communication"
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