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Trial Consulting Network
In case you haven’t noticed yet, there has been a “soft grand opening” going on lately with the new Trial Consulting Network. Trial Consulting Network has been mentioned by Monica Bay in her Daily Commentary. There has also been a Press Release. And, if you follow Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ve seen a few posts.

Trial Consulting Network begins life as a service provided by Litigation-Tech LLC, in an effort to offer the legal community an alternative to small providers, who are unable to staff large matters, and the largest providers, who seem to be out of touch with the local litigation scene. Trial Consulting Network already has over 30 member companies in many key markets, resulting in a huge talent pool from which to draw. This strategic organization features the high level of support which can be offered by the best small providers in the nation, and the sheer numbers of personnel often required to support large class actions and multi-district litigation.

Several quotes from the new web site:

Trial Consulting Network is a service offered by Litigation-Tech LLC, established in order to better serve current and potential clients, utilizing a network of over 30 of the best trial consulting and litigation support providers in the nation.

"A national level service offering to law firms, especially on large matters, is a great idea. Many of our certified trainers have joined the Trial Consulting Network and will be a part of providing high quality services and top notch “hot-seat” work. Ted Brooks (founder of TCN) has been doing trial work for a long time and knows what it takes to provide a professional level of support."
-- Derek Miller, Chief Executive Officer & President, inData Corporation

Trial Consulting Network is the only National Resource for Trial Consulting, Court Presentations, Graphics, Animation, Legal Technology and other Litigation Support Services, provided by a consortium of some of the best trial presentation providers in the country, with combined capabilities now rivaling even the largest companies. With over 30 locations throughout the U.S., Trial Consulting Network can assist in matters of any size, and in any jurisdiction -- including concurrent multi-district litigation, and large class action suits with multiple parties and large trial teams. Of course, TCN can assist in your smaller matters as well.

Trial Consulting Network Philosophy
Several years ago, only large firms with large cases could afford the added expense of utilizing technology in trial. Now, the risk of not using technology is a significant negative factor, especially when considering the added efficiency of rapidly presenting exhibits and deposition testimony in trial.

There are reasons that our Court systems continue to spend money on courtroom technology - even in the face of an economic crisis. They understand that cases may be tried in less time, and that jurors will be able to better understand the evidence. With over 30 locations across the nation, Trial Consulting Network can assist with your trial technology, allowing you to present your case in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Trial Consulting Network Services
Trial Consulting
Jury Consulting, Voir Dire
Trial Presentation
Court Technology
Demonstrative Graphics
Deposition Video Sync and Editing
War Room Support
Trial Strategy and Case Review
Evidence and Database Management
Trial Project Management
PowerPoint Presentations (Opening Statement, Closing Argument)

Trial Consulting Network Rates
TCN services are generally invoiced on an hourly basis, and in some cases, a daily rate may be available. With the flexibility of a small firm (over 30 of them, actually), TCN is able to offer rates that are more in line with the trial venue. This "geographically sensitive" approach may save your client thousands of dollars.

Although the only way to really have an idea of what your trial support might cost is to request a rate sheet and an estimate, the rate structure is in line with other trial prep and presentation providers, and will vary according to the rate of the person(s) actually handling your case.
One thing that sets Trial Consulting Network apart from the other major providers is the structure. This large network is made up of many smaller "boutique" firms, meaning less overhead and lower management costs, resulting in a better value for your client. Your case will be handled by an experienced trial professional -- not an inexperienced trainee.

Trial Consulting Network serves the following major cities (and more)  Atlanta Austin Baltimore Boston Charlotte Chicago Columbus Dallas Denver Detroit El Paso Fort Worth Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Los Angeles Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New York Philadelphia Phoenix Raleigh San Antonio San Diego San Francisco San Jose Seattle Washington, D.C.

Call Toll Free 888-907-4434

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