Rest in Peace, Finis Price

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of ahighly-regarded and respected fellow Trial Consultant and Blogger, Finis Price.I would always enjoy reading his reviews of various software and iPad apps forthe legal professional. At only 37 years old, he was already soaring among eagles.

Though our nation may be large, our community is small andtight. Here is the email which was sent to me by Don Gibson (The Trial Division, LLC), another fellowTrial Consultant:

FYI – Ted.

Subject: Finis Price

Those of you active at LinkedIn have probably heard of Finisor read some of his posts. He was an attorney from Louisville, Kentucky who,with his wife, a paralegal, had a trial support and presentation company calledTechnoEsq.

A marketing email I received today from ExhibitView containsthis sad news.

“We are saddened to learn of the passing of Finis Price,Esq. this past weekend. Finis was an incredible person, always willing to helpand was a consultant for us on our iPad app. He came to Georgia for our CLE inJanuary and everyone just loved him. He was the author of www.technoesq.comand he was a major authority on iPad apps and legal technology. Finis was fromLouisville, Kentucky and we, Bob Finnell, Esq. and I, Bill Roach will miss him,his laugh and his advice a immensely for a long time into the future. –Bill”

From what I’ve gathered it was an accident of some kind lastThursday. He was only 37. Those of you who know Ted Brooks might want to passthis along should he wish to post the news at the Trial Technology group.

Keep on soaring, Finis - we will miss you and your unique perspectives. 

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